292. PTB-Seminar

Training Course and Stakeholder Workshop "Novel mathematical and statistical approaches to uncertainty evaluation"

Join leading mathematicians, statisticians and applications experts from Europe's National Measurement Institutes for three days of training courses, workshops and lectures to be held at PTB, Berlin in April 2015.

This event is for metrology specialists in industry, calibration laboratories, universities and measurement institutes and will introduce the results of the European Metrology Research Programme project NEW04: Novel mathematical and statistical approaches to uncertainty evaluation. Many of the current challenges faced by metrologists and measurement specialists do not fit easily within the uncertainties evaluation framework set out in the current version of the Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement (GUM). New methods and new approaches are needed in order to address and stimulate innovative measurement technologies, improve policy making and regulation. The NEW04 project has been developing practical solutions to these challenges. Join us in Berlin to learn how to implement the new methods in your own work and to help define the direction of future research in measurement uncertainty evaluation.Find more information on the background to the NEW04 project and its objectives on its website.

Key topics:

  • Regression and inverse problems
  • Computationally expensive systems
  • Decision-making and conformity assessment
  • European Centre for Mathematics and Statistics in Metrology
  • The role of mathematics in co-operative European metrology projects
  • Introduction of the new best practice guides produced as part of NEW04
  • The revision of the Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement and future challenges in uncertainty analysis
Date: 21. April 2015 to 23. April 2015
Location: Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Berlin Contact : Prof. Dr. Markus Bär