International Summer School on Metrology 2017

Frontiers of the Measurable

Metrology – the science of correct measurement – is an important cornerstone of our industrialized society. It has an impact on essentially every aspect of our lives, but is seldom visible to outside eyes. Metrological progress is a key enabler for technical development and, thus, for innovation. The role and the further development of metrology is therefore of extraordinary importance for progress in technology and science.

Supporting tomorrow’s experts in academia and industry in this context is of particular importance and is an integral part of PTB’s and TU Braunschweig's philosophy. To...

Date: 08. August 2017 to 11. August 2017
Location: Kloster Drübeck
Summer School on Nanometrology 2016


Im August 2016 trafen sich ca. 40 Doktoranden und Doktorandinnen aus der PTB und TU Braunschweig in Kloster Drübeck zu einer Metrologie-Sommerschule, einer Gemeinschaftsveranstaltung von der PTB und der Braunschweig International Graduate School of Metrology mit der Unterstützung des Helmholtz-Fonds e. V. Während dieses drei-tägiges Events könnten die Doktoranden sich zehn wissenschaftliche Vorträge (in Englisch gehalten) mit den Schwerpunkten Metrologie in Nanowelten, Metrologie der Nanopartikel und Methoden der Präzisionsmessung anhören, in Gruppen an mehreren Übungsaufgaben teilnehmen und...

Date: 10. August 2016 to 12. August 2016
Location: Kloster Drübeck
International Summer School on Metrology 2015

SI-Units and Measurement Uncertainty

In August 2015 an international summer school on metrology was held by PTB in cooperation with B-IGSM (Braunschweig International Graduate School of Metrology) and supported by the Helmholtz-Fonds e. V. at Kloster Drübeck. Almost 70 PhD students coming from 18 different home countries attended the event. Six of the participants from developing and emerging countries were awarded grants provided by the Federal German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development to attend this summer school.

The event consisted of keynote presentations by national and international experts on contemporary...

Date: 24. August 2015 to 28. August 2015
Location: Kloster Drübeck