296. PTB-Seminar

DYNAMIC 2016 - 9th International Workshop on the Analysis of Dynamic Measurements

The workshop will bring together theoretical and practical expertise in the field of dynamic measurements. The main intention is to leverage the common mathematical and statistical theory in different metrological application areas, which is possible only in such an interdisciplinary forum.

Application areas include

  • Analysis for calibration and measurement of mechanical and electrical quantities,
  • Analysis of measurements of temperature and radiation,
  • Quantitative digital imaging and the corresponding evaluation of uncertainties,
  • Analysis of measurement of light and color.

The mathematical and statistical scope of this workshop includes

  • Mathematical and statistical modelling of dynamic systems,
  • Regularized input estimation,
  • Signal processing theory in metrology,
  • Uncertainty quantification for dynamic measurements.


Datum: 09. November 2016 bis 10. November 2016
Ort: Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Berlin Kontakt : Dr. Sascha Eichstädt