International Summer School on Metrology 2017

Frontiers of the Measurable

Metrology – the science of correct measurement – is an important cornerstone of our industrialized society. It has an impact on essentially every aspect of our lives, but is seldom visible to outside eyes. Metrological progress is a key enabler for technical development and, thus, for innovation. The role and the further development of metrology is therefore of extraordinary importance for progress in technology and science.

Supporting tomorrow’s experts in academia and industry in this context is of particular importance and is an integral part of PTB’s and TU Braunschweig's philosophy. To foster metrological knowledge, PTB together with TU Braunschweig with support of the Helmholtz-Fonds e. V. held an international summer school on metrology from the 8th to the 11th of August 2017 at Kloster Drübeck.

About 50 places were available for German and international PhD students engaged in metrology, in natural sciences and engineering research.

The school has been designed to give insights into contemporary metrological issues. The school consisted of keynote presentations by expert speakers, grouped around the topics "energy", "environment", "nanoscale", and "from Earth to universe". A practical course related to metrological concepts, poster presentations, and social activities complemented the program. The school was conducted in English. It featured a strong interactive element and the opportunity for attendees to network with the lecturer.

More information:  Abstracts and schedule of the school

Datum: 08. August 2017 bis 11. August 2017
Ort: Kloster Drübeck