Workshops 2017

Electromagnetic Waves and Wind Turbines EMWT´17

Due to the withdrawal from the nuclear energy programme and the concurrent need to reduce fossile combustibles and carbon dioxide emissions, many sources of renewable energy have to be installed. Among these are water and solar energy power plants, but to a large extend also wind turbine (WT) installations. In the end of 2016 as many as 27.270 wind turbines with a power of 45.900 MW had been installed in Germany (source: WindGuard GmbH). For efficiency reasons, WT become taller and taller and now reach that airspace, in which RADAR and terrestrial navigation systems operate. For safe operation of air traffic control, air space surveillance, weather forecast and terrestrial navigation, the degree of influence of WT on the  mentioned radio frequency (RF) services must be known.

Therefore, electromagnetic wave propagation and signal distortion is of increasing interest, and the grade of interference of WT on radio services is subject of research and development both in numerical simulations and measurements.

This PTB workshop will bring together experts from academia, researchers and science groups, but also officials, government, and politics. Latest results from science will be presented. The PTB workshop will give all interested groups the opportunity for open discussions. Also members of the IEEE German EMC chapter are welcome.

For more Information see the EMWT´17 Webpage or contact the organizer.

You can register before November 17th, 2017.
Please note: the places for this PTB workshop are limited to 220.

Datum: 06. Dezember 2017 bis 07. Dezember 2017
Ort: Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig Kontakt : Helmholtz-Fonds e. V.