Workshops 2019

EXSA School und Workshop Quantitative Methoden in der Röntgenspektrometrie

The EXSA Quantitative Methods in X-Ray Spectrometry 2019 event consists of a school for PhD students and young scientists as well as of a workshop including two sessions organized by the International Fundamental Parameter Initiative.
The school is aimed at helping the attendants developing their skills with XRF quantification, understanding the calibration procedures, discussing limits of detection and quantification, and providing practical knowledge on the different approaches, methods, and algorithms.
An expert talk and a poster session in the following workshop will be organized within the scope of this quantification school to foster the interactions between the participants. It will, therefore, provide an interdisciplinary forum for young scientists working in the field of XRS to discuss and exchange problems and ideas on the challenges and progress of XRF quantification analysis.
The Workshop targets scientists from academia and industry facing challenges in quantification in X-ray spectrometry. Besides the presentations of experts, the workshop will provide a platform for discussions between the participants.

Datum: 12. Mai 2019 bis 17. Mai 2019
Ort: Uni NOVA Lisboa
Kontakt : Dr. Michael Kolbe